SIP Encrypt

recommends the SIP Encrypt service to any organisation who deals with confidential or sensitive information over the telephone.

This includes but is not limited to any Enterprise organisation, Businesses operating in manufacturing, Healthcare or other services handling sensitive personal information, the Financial Sector, Contact Centres and Retail. Any business taking card payments over the phone where card data is handled must comply with PCIDSS requirements and calls must be secured.


Customers taking advantage of our SIP Encrypt service enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that calls connected to our network are fully encrypted and eavesdrop proof. When the Internet or even private MPLS lines are used to make and receive calls, these calls are vulnerable to remote access wire-tapping unless steps have been taken to prevent this.


The Secure Access For Enterprise – Gateway or SAFE-Gateway is a customer-site device deployed between a PBX and the WAN circuit connecting to AlexSys SIP servers. The SAFE-Gateway encrypts all communication from the PBX to the Alexsys SIP Servers, thus protecting against eaves dropping or unsolicited call recording. The SAFE -Gateway is always deployed with SIP Encrypt and is available in a variry of sizes to meet customer requirements. This includes a virtualised option. The SAFE -Gateway can also be used as the on-site Session Border Controller required by some phone systems when SIP Trunking is implemented. For example: Cisco Call Manager or Avaya Aura.

The SAFE -Gateway is a low cost device and our Network Operations team continuously monitor the health of our deployments.


AlexSys utilise a PCIDSS level-1 Service Provider, in the provision of the service.  SIP-Encrypt-PCI service protects against card data theft through anti-eavesdropping technology. Our SAFE-Gateway device disables insecure transmission methods and offers customers ultimate peace of mind when connecting to our network.

Service activation is simple - To learn more about our SIP Encrypt service and how it integrates into your environment, please contact a member of our specialist business development team.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email

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