AlexSys now provides Secure SIPs for Voice Over IP

Ask any business leader whether they would be concerned if their confidential business plans discussed over the phone with a colleague were wire-tapped then the resulting answer would probably be YES.

The payment card industry is also concerned about wire tapping and in fact the security requirements for the transmission, storage or processing of credit card information including voice calls is standardised by the PCIDSS regulations.

AlexSys  SIP Encrypt is a wire-tap proof secure SIP trunk.  A SAFE Gateway deployed at the customer site encrypts all voice calls between the customer's PBX and the AlexSys SIP services.

Being PCI Compliant. means that a QSA will review the provided attestation of compliance for SIP encrypt and will know straight away that the service is secure.

For more information please call the AlexSys sales team on (+44) 1761 241695
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