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There are many causes for business data loss: human error, theft, local disasters, hardware failure and more. Backing up important files enables you to protect against future data loss, but current solutions for data storage and data protection - such as file servers and backup tape drives - are unnecessarily expensive, unreliable and prone to human error.

This can be even more challenging for small businesses, branch office and SOHO setups, where knowledgeable IT staff are typically in short supply and backup procedures are often non-existent. There is a real need for a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for centralised storage and secure off-site data protection.

The AlexSys Cloud Attached Storage service combines on-premise Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances with cloud services to provide an integrated, all-in-one solution for shared storage, data protection and collaboration - avoiding the need for separate, more expensive solutions that are difficult to manage. All of this means a high level of continuity for your business and increased protection for your company’s data.

Protecting Servers, Desktops and Laptops

Important business data is everywhere, not just on servers. Time to recover business data from even a single laptop can result in significant cost. By combining client-less backup for local network desktops, PC agents for roaming laptop backup and Server Agents for application-aware server backup, AlexSys protects data where it resides.

Local and Cloud Backup Copies

Optimised for speed and security, AlexSys’s hybrid approach provides quick access and recovery from local backup (stored on the appliance), whilst using the cloud for disaster recovery.

File-Level and Disk-Level (“Bare-Metal”) Backup

While individual files may be accidentally erased or corrupted, the loss, theft or destruction of hardware may require the recovery of an entire system, which is where bare-metal backup and recovery comes in handy. Both backup methods are performed incrementally and are fully optimised for speed and bandwidth economy.


Traditional backup methods can be complex. In contrast, online backup requires only a simple, one-time configuration. Online backup then runs automatically according to the desired schedule.

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Highly Secure

When backing up online, data is automatically encrypted and fingerprinted before it leaves your local network.

Storage Locations

Using online backup ensures that data is stored in multiple locations; giving protection from local disasters such as fire or flood.  Versioning Online backup preserves multiple versions of your data, enabling you to restore the version of your choice.

Restore Options

Online backup offers multiple restore options, including restoring data from anywhere simply by using a web browser to securely access backup versions of files.


Traditional media used for backup can be prone to failure. Online backup uses enterprise-grade infrastructure that is significantly more reliable.

Fully Supported

Full support is provided with guaranteed SLAs.



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