WAN Acceleration

Companies around the world in every industry are turning to WAN optimization to accelerate business operations and improve productivity, while cutting costs. AlexSys has the skills and products to make this happen.

AlexSys not only implements and develops the best WAN optimization available today, but also improves the throughput of organization applications — because it’s more than just limited network bandwidth that slows down the applications. 
The AlexSys solutions will be designed to:
  • Accelerate applications across the WAN, typically by 5-50 times and, in some cases, by up to 100 times
  • Cut the use of WAN bandwidth by 65-95 percent, and relieves network congestion
  • Deliver LAN-like performance to mobile workers and employees around the world
  • Enables IT consolidation and virtualization Optimizes business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Enhances visibility and simplifies management Integrates quickly and easily with network and system products from any combination of vendors Lowers IT and operational costs, and improves productivity at the same time
With effective optimization, AlexSys guides organizations to leverage their networks, infrastructure, and applications in ways never before possible.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email enquiries@alexsys.co.uk.
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