AlexSys provides systems support for numerous customers. We have found it necessary to generate software to overcome problems or ease the life of our technicians. A list of utilities that could be useful to your IT team are listed below. 

AlexSys Backup Checker

If you run Symantec Backup Exec, this could be a real time saver.  Save hours of daily backup checks with automated service monitoring and checking. Multiple site backup management, control and monitoring.

AlexSys Password Expiry Notification

Pro-actively Scheduled user notification of impending password expiry.

AlexSys Folder Watcher

Think of something you want to automatically happen to files in any folder, on any host in any domain......

Automatically delete them
Move / copy them somewhere else
Load them into a document or content management system
Many other potential actions

Now configure the AlexSys Folder watcher to do the job and forget about it!

AlexSys Document Uploads

Use this utility in conjunction with the AlexSys Folder Watcher. 
Automate file uploads into  Filenet , Sharepoint or AlexSys Document Management repositories

For more information regarding any of these utilities please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email enquiries@alexsys.co.uk.

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