PCI Compliance
PCI Guidance and Planning

AlexSys PCI Guidance and Planning 


AlexSys provides scheduled pre-assessment, workshops and PCI strategy sessions which are key components to Compliancy challenges. 

On-site AlexSys Security Assessors work with clients to assist in understanding its exposure to PCI compliance regulations - identifying gaps in its PCI-related solutions, devising a plan to address these gaps, and identifying a roadmap for future PCI compliance efforts.

The AlexSys PCI Executive Workshops are designed according to the appropriate Self-Assessment Questionnaire and overall Data Security Standard (DSS) to ascertain the scope of each business’s PCI liability.  Key components include:

  • Identifying the cardholder environment, including identification of all business units handling cardholder data and the associated processes surrounding cardholder data usage.
  • Recommending the removal of cardholder data from identified areas.
  • Reducing PCI compliance scope by leveraging segmentation, encryption, tokenisation, or a combination of strategies (when removal of cardholder data is deemed not feasible).
  • Documenting all areas of concern identified, developing a high-level diagram of the cardholder environment, and recommending steps for remediation.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email enquiries@alexsys.co.uk.

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