Payment Card Industry Audits

PCI DSS ASV Services 
All companies that process and store customer payment card transactions are required to maintain their network security in accordance with the detailed specifications mandated under the Payment Card Industry data security standard (PCI DSS). Failure to demonstrate compliance can result in severe restrictions being placed on merchants by the card issuers, including the ultimate sanction of withdrawal of card authorisation facilities.

AlexSys uses a select group of approved scanning vendors (ASV) certified by the PCI to carry out the periodic scans of the merchant network to identify any critical vulnerabilities and to perform the necessary penetration tests needed to prove the integrity of the corporate IT infrastructure.

Integrated PCI platform
The PCI DSS identifies six key areas and 12 requirements of security best practice needed to ensure compliance with the standard including the need to Regularly Monitor and Test Networks. 

(Requirements 10 and 11)

AlexSys offers advanced scanning solutions via ASV certified vendors that provides network managers with all the necessary functionality to meet PCI requirements 10 and 11 through one point of contact including:
  • File Integrity and Log Management (PCIDSS Requirement 10 and 11.5)
  • Wireless IDS and Access Point Alerting (PCIDSS REQUIREMENT 11.1)
  • PCI ASV Assessments (PCIDSS REQUIREMENT 11.2)
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessments (PCIDSS REQUIREMENT 11.2)
  • Penetration Testing (PCI REQUIREMENT 11.3)
  • Intrusion Detection (PCIDSS REQUIREMENT 11.4) 

On Demand Reporting

All systems include comprehensive reporting options formatted to current industry standards and PCI requirements, highlighting critical issues that need urgent attention.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email

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