PCI Assessment Service 

The AlexSys Information Security Consultants provide expert assessment services that certify that client payment applications are compliant with the PA-DSS.

Following the creation of a cutting-edge payment application that will enable online transactions to take place faster and with minimal interruptions, the AlexSys Consultants assess client applications, identify non-compliant code and provide recommendations on how to achieve compliance. 

AlexSys services for PA-DSS are built around a gap analysis and certification review against the PA-DSS. AlexSys conducts the PA-DSS review, identifying issues that need to be addresses, and submits a Report on Validation (ROV) to the PCI Security Standards Council to confirm that your payment applications comply with the regulation. 

This review includes the following phases:

  • Application discovery and examination
  • Exam application documentation/design
  • Forensic validation of cardholder data storage
  • PCI/PA-DSS gap analysis
  • Gap report including remediation steps to take
  • Verification of remediation
  • PA-DSS certification and a report on validation (ROV)

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email enquiries@alexsys.co.uk.

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