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Why Outsource to AlexSys?


AlexSys can be relied upon to produce best of breed resources to provide efficient, effective outsource solutions and services, tailored to each organization's requirements:
  • Significant cost of ownership savings
  • Improve IT operational efficiency utilising the latest in technology to meet business demands
  • Extensive and pertinent skill-base according to each requirement
  • Utilise tried and tested services that work
  • Reduced demand on internal IT management costs and resources
  • Time-unlimited services management, monitoring and interaction
  • 24 hour service to support 24 business globally
Whilst all sites are unique, AlexSys is in the ideal position to service most outsource requirements:
  • Interim IT & Project Management
  • Network Management and strategies
  • Off site DR services
  • Application development and support
  • Workplace Support
  • Data Center services
  • Security Services
  • Independent IT Resource Management
  • AlexSys Facilities Management services
  • Security & vulnerability reviews and improvements

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email enquiries@alexsys.co.uk.

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