Firewall Policy Assessment

Organizations utilise the AlexSys firewall policy review with audit and analyse router and firewall configurations to ensure that the highest levels of protection and performance are achieved and to identify system vulnerabilities. 

The service provides a detailed report of the threats to client security including prioritisation of the dangers to business critical assets based on system vulnerabilities. The risk assessment also exposes complex firewall configurations that lead to security risks being hidden within firewall rules and highlights duplicated, disabled, unused or expired rules in order to increase the performance and speed of firewall security.

The AlexSys firewall policy review examines all firewalls for accountability, accuracy, effectiveness, efficiency, weaknesses, and management. Services include:

  • Comparing firewall and general perimeter security considerations against corporate policy
  • The review of security policies to verify that it conforms to industry recognised "best practices" and that it is configured to ensure maximum self-protection against attack
  • Assess administrative access to the firewall management station
  • Review firewall logs for accuracy and thoroughness 
  • Inspect firewall rule base(s) for compliance to baseline standards
  • Review firewall configuration for weaknesses 
  • Determine if firewall versions are up to date 
  • Verify access control (internal to external) 
  • Review firewall management controls (authentication, communications, accounts, etc) 
  • Review efficiency of firewall rule order 
  • Identify methods for storing and alerting on events
  • Verify firewall disaster recovery, backup, and redundancy 

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email

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