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AlexSys can be trusted to provide efficient and effective 24 hour support services allowing organisations to focus on their business practices and harnessing IT to support their demands. AlexSys provides this total care service for organisations looking to outsource their ICT operations to external skill base thus reducing associated staff costs and freeing management resources. With dedicated Consultants and helpdesks, AlexSys can provide on and off site:
  • 24 hour Global management and monitoring of WANs, LAN performance, security and stability
  • 24 hour Service Desk offering support and management at central and satellite sites
  • Performance monitoring of security, key and elected services/devices
  • Ongoing development of the IT infrastructure
  • Optimising and maintaining the performance of core infrastructure, servers and the full desktop environment
  • Supporting and training end users
  • Ongoing procurement of cost-effective IT and communications equipment
  • The organisation retains ownership of all hardware and software
  • Team-partnership with other system providers
  • Co-ordination and partnering business partners
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