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There are a variety of workflow solutions in the market place from renowned, well established vendors.  They are in general expensive, unwieldy and often do not cater for offline continuation of workflow process’.

The AlexSys NForce solution provides a extensible, flexible, light weight, focused and value for money application to cater for a multitude of workflow requirements.

The heart of the solution is an SQL database that stores workflows, workflow trigger points, workflow actions and scheduled operations.
The application is configured via a web interface.   Workflows are built in this interface and subsequently processed and updated by authorised users in a role based environment.

Many of the workflows require actions and responses by specified date/times.  Processing of these points in the workflow are handled by a server based service that runs constantly...

AlexSys Workflow Designer

  • Add workflows and create workflow nodes.  Link nodes via case based routing from updateable list of linking methods.
  • Add trigger points at workflow nodes and specify actions and operations to be processed at these points:
    • Generate mail merge documents.
    • Send e-mails.
  • Add routing methods.
  • Add node analysis code.
  • Add mailing lists.

AlexSys Workflow Administrator

  • Monitor and search workflows on application specific criteria.
  • Link to file system documents and bind these to the workflow and supported document management systems.
  • Administer individual workflows.
  • Reporting facilities may be developed per application.

AlexSys Workflow & Scheduling Service

  • Target time expiry processing.
  • Target time reminder processing.
  • Automated emailing on process trigger points.
  • Automated document ( Word / PDF ) production on process trigger point.

For more information regarding any of the above Workflow solutions please do not hesitate to contact the AlexSys team on 01761 241695 or email

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