Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation is revolutionising the way organisations manage and deliver desktops, dramitically streamlining the desktop management lifecycle.

In short one can : 
  • Virtualise Windows® desktops in the datacenter and deliver them on demand to any user — anywhere.
  • Deliver a high definition user experience by dynamically assembling each user’s unique desktop from pristine components — operating system, applications, and user profiles — and provide high quality user experiences each time they log on.
  • Improve security by centralizing desktop and data management in the datacenter.
  • Reduce desktop total cost of owership by up to 40%.
If you’re tired of struggling with the complexity and cost of distributed desktop management, you’re not alone. The following publication provides gives you some pointers to help you decide whether desktop virtualization is for you and, depending on which options are appropriate, how to prepare for a successful implementation. AlexSys can assist you at all stages of the planning and implementation process. Give the Experts a call on +44 (0) 1761 241695.

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